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pe's scruti〓ny results pro■ve Huawei "innocen●t": China FM sp〓okespersonEurope's● scrutiny resul○ts prove H○uawei "innoce○nt": China FM spokes●person05-21-2019◆ 09:44 BJTBEIJING, M●ay 20 -- The resul○ts of Europ〓e's scrutiny on p○roducts by

hin◆gton's restric◆tions on

C●hina's Huawei Techn●ologies Co.●, Ltd. hav〓e proven the co〓mpany's "innocence,"○ a Chinese Foreign ■Ministry sp●okesperson s〓aid Monday.Spo○kesperson Lu Kang ■made the rem●arks in resp○onse to German me○dia reports that yea◆rs

sed on unf■ounded allegat◆ions

of scrutiny by● Britain, Germany ■and the European ●Union (EU) have fo●und no obvious "bac●kdoors" in Huawei p●roducts, while〓 security 〓loopholes a●re often spotted in ○products made b◆y Cisco of t●he United States○, as evidenced by○ ten "backdoor■" incidents expo●sed since 201◆3."We'd like to se■e the U.S. ●comment on the find◆


ings," Lu sai◆d at a press b●riefing, addi〓ng that since■ the "Prism ■gate" incident, ■the U.S. ha●s remained sile◆nt over ev●idence alleg〓ing its illeg○al practices of cyb○er attacks and ●thefts.For the purpo◆se of gainin●g competit○ive advantages

, the ◆


United Stat◆es, judging■ others using its 〓own standar■ds, has resorted to〓 smear tac○tics against o◆ther countries' e○nterprises without● providing ○convincing evidence,● he said."Th■e conclusions o○f Europe's ◆scrutiny have pr●oven Huawei innocent○, and showed● the U.S. sup◆pression

a〓gainst othe


r cou●ntries' enterp〓rises with state ●power is unjustifi〓ed," Lu added.Plea●se scan the QR C●ode to follo○w us on In○stagramPlea〓se scan the QR Cod■e to follow us on W●echatLearning 〓lessons from Huawei'●s countermeasureLe○arning lesson●s from Huawei●'s counterm○easureLearni■ng lessons from Hu●awei's countermeasur〓e05-20-2019 ○09:59 BJTNo●te: The following a●rticle is tak●en from the Chi●nese-language "


ical speculati

o◆ns, fall foul

es on ○International ○Affairs"On 〓Thursday, the U〓.S. Department o〓f Commerce, with●out any valid ev●idence, put Chin●ese technology fir●m Huawei and its 70 ◆affiliates on an● “En〓tity List,

of t●he go

&rdqu〓o; which prohibite■d Huawei from purch●asing componen○ts or technologies f■rom U.S. companies. ○Such a mov●e was clea■rly aimed at ●obstructing the dev●elopment of◆ China’s high-◆tech sector b

lden rules it ◆once

y stran■gling Huawei and● securing Ameri●ca’s ●hegemony in the ●global sci-tech sec●tor.However,◆ what su


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rprised Wa○shington is ○that Huawei ■immediately annou●nced plans to u■se backup ○chips it had b●een independently 〓developing for years● to ensure ■strategic secur■ity and a s◆teady suppl

y cha○in of most of○ its product■s. This rep○resents a fanta◆

Washingt〓on t

stic fight b●ack against◆ the ‘strang◆lin

o win in an● era of coo

g&rsquo●; moves made by the ■U.S. side and i●s thanks to Huawe○i’s spiri○t of hard work● and innovation, al○ong with the c◆ompany’s ■

farsightedness and v◆igilance against● potential

pe■ration and inter-de○pende

danger■s in times of ○peace.As the world&r●squo;s larges●t telecom-○equipment manufactur●er, after mor○e than 20 years of d○evelopment acro◆ss the globe, Hu●awei

’s■ services and pro○ducts are being u●se

nce, i●t would be bette

d in 170 countri○es, serving over one〓-third of the world○’s pop○ulation. However, it●s developme●nt path

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